• Citations kpop.

    Coucou ! Alors sur cet article, je vais rassembler toutes les phrases que je préfère dans les chansons de kpop. Je le mettrai à jour régulièrement si j'y pense. o/

    Je les met en anglais parce que ça sonne beaucoup mieux.


    Si vous en avez à me proposez allez-y ~:3

    Citations kpop.

    « I was tired of the world but you gave me a bright light» 

              SNSD - How Great Is Your Love.


    « There is only one thing I want. I want to live in your embrace forever»

             Sunny (SNSD) - Your Doll.


    « Everyone is a spider pretending to be a butterfly»

             SNSD - Flower Power.


    « Even if the world ends, I will believe in your smiling face for eternity.»

             SNSD - All my love is for you.


    « No matter who I meet, I can’t open up one part of my heart and I keep your place empty.»

             2PM - Heartbeat.


    « When I hear your voice, it feels like I’m dreaming, I can tell from your eyes, I can tell about your love. You are my heaven.»

             Ailee - Heaven.


    « You’re often unconsciously falling into a nightmare-like world. But still, because I was in love with you, I won’t ever forget you. Yes, I remember.»

             Bang YongGuk - I Remember (ft. Yang YoSeob).


    «Maybe we were just pretending to be in love. Maybe this strong unbreakable thing was attachment and not love  »

             San E - Wish you to be unhappy.

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    Lundi 20 Mai 2013 à 20:44

    Magnifique *^* j'essairais d'en chercher :3

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